Do I Need To Hire An Engineer?

The short answer is No. While an engineer may be better able to assess certain unique structural or mechanical problems that may be present at a community, these are generally rare and far between. A Reserve Study is primarily a financial assessment and if your analyst has an adequate background in construction and finance, your […]

Who Can Complete A Reserve Study?

Reserve studies are usually prepared by people trained and certified in the field. One such certification, Reserve Specialist (RS), is available through the Community Associations Institute (CAI). To obtain this certification, candidates must have prepared at least 30 reserve studies within the past 3 calendar years, hold a bachelors degree in construction management, architecture, or […]

What Should I Look For In A Reserve Study Company?

You want to obtain a provider that will work with you and be there to answer follow up questions. Aside from the cost of the study, obtained from submitting bid requests, you may wish to consider the following questions: The following questions are offered as a guide in the decision making process to select a […]